Grinding Machines

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Klindex new range
Floor Grinding Machine Family
Klindex Grinding Machines are unique because of their special technical build which allows them to be used on ALL types of Floors i.e. marble, granite, concrete, terrazzo, wood, gres, asphalt etc. All Metal Specially designed for Heavy Duty Grinding without any loss of torque adequately powered by suitable High Torque Motors.
The Levighetor 1


The Only machine in the World with Detachable all metal Planetary drive system. The machine can be used as most powerful Single Disc AND also as Grinding Machine.
Levighetor Brochure 2016
Lev Max
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Hercules Range
Most Popular Range is a specially designed machine for Contractors. The machine has DCS system which allows Surface Preparation & Grinding & Polishing in single machine DCS System allows you to stop & Start the Planetary movement just with one button. 
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Expander Brochure Mar 2017.jpg111111
Expander Range is an Automatic Floor Grinder. These machines have Remote Operations, Auto Pilot Technology. With 1 Meter Grinding width and an all metal gear box, running with 6 heads, its a beast on any floor. 
Expander Brochure Mar 2017
Expander Brochure Mar 2017.jpg22222
Expander Brochure Mar 2017.jpg111