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Care and Maintenance of Epoxy Terrazzo Floors

Because epoxy terrazzo surfaces are smooth, seamless, and nonporous, they are very easy to clean and won’t harbour the growth of mold or mildew. They also resist staining caused by chemical, oil, and grease spills. Most manufacturers recommend simply washing the surface with a neutral cleaner, followed by rinsing. In high-traffic areas, the surface should be protected by at least two coats of acrylic or urethane sealer to reduce wear. The newer technology is using Guard Lithium. Guard Lithium is special Nano lithium micro film forming sealer which hardens to provide excellent resistance to traffic, fungus, bacteria, stains etc. and is an excellent product. (Marble and granite need to be treated with sealers, creams and other stain protections!!)


Epoxy Terrazzo floor systems are easily maintained due to their tough finish and absence of grout joints or seams. Floors do, however, take the most abuse of any surface in the building and therefore, require regular maintenance. 

Daily Maintenance – EVERY DAY

  • Dust mop with clean non-oily dust mop of size to suit floor area 4-5 times a day. 
  • Remove fine dust particles from mop frequently by vacuum hose. 
  • Remove any wet spillage by damp mopping.
  • Burnish the floor using 24” Variable Speed Burnishing Machine with inbuilt vacuum system to cater to faster cleaning. USE ONLY PLAIN FRESH WATER.

Machine details as attached: Model Tornado 24” VS.– The machine can be used on any type of polished floor like Marble, Granite, Wood and tiles. High Speed burnishing helps retain shine through heat generation on floor and also dust is sucked in.

High Speed Machine 4 HP Model Tornado 24” VS – HIGH SPEED MACHINE for buffing and polishing floors. Thanks to the “integrated vacuuming system” it cleans and polishes with high productivity. With the 4 HP motor it is the most powerful mono-phase high speed machine in the world.   (*Tornado includes dust control and pad holder.)

Regular Maintenance (Once in 7 – 10 days depending upon traffic)

  • Wash the surface with BETON STONE SOAP cleaner with RED PAD / DISCOLLUX PAD according to label instructions using Single discs like maxi orbit should be used as they are easy to use and are multipurpose.  
  • If the area is large as in your case. Chariot / Ride-On Scrubber Drier for areas using Super Clean Green Pads. Chariot Ride On machine has better visibility, better control, better reach in corners and small areas. V Curved squeeze sucks water better on turning and also reached wall edges as its floating and centred.
  • Ride On Scrubber Drier can be used but it has its limitations as follows
  • They have limited mobility and cannot be taken to areas with furniture
    • They do not cover edges and leave around 8 inches each side.
    • The operator does not see what is happening on the floor
    • It MUST have a V squeeze as flat squeeze tends to leave water while turning.
    • They tend to leave tyre marks on polished floors.
    • Heavy weight of the machine tends to hit the floor in expansion joint areas resulting in periodic damage to edges of Joints.
  • Since Zydus has already procured Ride-On Scrubber Drier, we recommend Pad Drivers (an accessory with machine) must be procured and USED with special Pads (Red & Discollux) only. The existing Brush can be used for Basements as these brushes are Industrial Grade

Machine details as attached: Model Maxi Orbit 3000

Maxi Orbit, the advanced professional multipurpose single brush which makes it easy and quick working on all surfaces. Suitable for treatments such as • polishing, • dewaxing, • crystallization • light grinding on marble, concrete, stone, parquet, terracotta and stoneware, Maxi Orbit is also ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as carpets and rugs.

Corners & Edges

Daily maintenance of areas overlapping with carpets needs careful attention. Usage of Edge polishers / cleaners should be used to regularly clean areas near strips using same process as above.

New Edge and Corners MULTI FEATURES Hand Polisher · The Unique in the Worldwide, with adjustable head · IP 54 Water and Dust proof Hand grinder with adjustable head, for corners, Edges, Countertops, skirtings, stairs, for bush-hammer stairs and small surfaces and for open the joints.

Model: Waterfire                                                       Model: Extrema

Parametric grinding, polishing & Cleaning machine with double counter-rotating head.  NO MORE PAIN!! Klindex’ patented 360° directional wheels that allow to move the machine in any direction also along the edges. Ergonomic handle permits standing up working position to avoid back pain and sore knees! Dust free working. Very balanced thanks counter rotating double disc. *Complete of water tank, splash guard and velcro baked pad holders.

Incidental Maintenance – Emergency Protocol

Any building cannot rule out incidents like spillage, staining, food droppings, blood etc. and have to be ready for these. Special attention is to needed for these incidents owing to food and drug safety regulations

  • Use lots of water on the stain / droppings
  • Wash the affected surface using Stone Sealer Soap using Orbital Single Disc and Red Pad / Discollux Pad.
  • For some spillages like blood, medicinal spillage etc. special process conforming to HACCP norms need to be adhered and followed.
  • Usage of Special HACCP conformed and approved shall be followed as per label.
  • Buff Using Discollux Pad

Periodic Maintenance Epoxy terrazzo (once in 3 – 6 months depending on traffic)

  • Wash the surface with BETON STONE SOAP cleaner with RED PAD / DISCOLLUX PAD according to label instructions using Chariot Ride On Scrubber Drier for smaller areas and Ride On Scrubber Drier for Corridors. 
  • Polish with DISCOLLUX maintenance pad to remove scuff marks.
  • Spray Buff Beton Guard using DISCOLLUX Pad to retain losing sheen if the floor is losing sheen in high traffic areas (use only if losing sheen). Check reconditioning below
  • Dust mop after regular intervals using MICRO FIBRE DUST CONTROL MOP.

Machine Details: Quartz 66 / 80

Industrial/professional floor scrubber drier machine for scrubbing/ cleaning Quartz 66/ 80-a new generation Klindex Quartz scrubber drier machine which provides a flexible and compact scrubbing/ cleaning solution for medium to big size areas with a working capacity up to 4710 m2 /h.   The scrubber drier machine delivers the comfort and performance of a ride on machine cleaning, and has an unmatched manoeuvrability and visibility. The battery powered stand-up scrubber drier machine offers unbeatable floor/ surface cleaning performances.

Reconditioning Thin-set Epoxy Terrazzo 

  • Use Scrubber / Scrubber Drier to remove dirt solution with SUPERCLEAN PAD, wet vacuum. • Rinse thoroughly. • Allow floor to dry.
  • Use Beton Guard PRO to finish using DISCOLLUX PAD and Dry Buff with DISCOLLUX.