Spray Injection Extraction

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Junior Lava are multipurpose equipment which, thanks to their injection extraction system with Cold Water, help you to clean and wash all kind of surface such as: carpet, curtains , sofas, pavements ,walls, upholstery etc. All these machines can be used as a normal vacuum cleaner.

Excellent for Disinfection of Upholstery / Carpets / Curtains / Upholstered Walls etc. Just use water soluble disinfectant in spray tank and use spray jet of 5- 7 bar to pressure inject into the Upholstery. The special will tool allows simultaneous suction.. The contaminated water collected inside the tank can be carefully emptied as per disposal norms.

Spray Injection with Temperature Control

Injection-Extractor with hot water and temperature control

HOT FLASH is the evolution of cold water extractor. Thanks to a boiler fixed inside the head, it produces hot water, guaranteeing a better quality of cleaning.