Marble Consumables

         Crystallizator liquid for marble and terrazzo.   


Marble & Terrazzo floor crystallization liquid used to maintain polished marble and terrazzo floor surfaces.. Kristallux  floor is still allowed to “breathe” through microscopic pores of the stone. Provides an high level of long lasting and resistant shine in first crystallizations, being also suitable for periodical maintenance of floors already crystallized. Its use guarantees the maximum protection for the pavement for long time.

High Gloss


Not slippery

                                   STONE SOAP

Stoen Soap 5 ltr

Daily cleaner and sealer soap for polished marble and terrazzo floors. It leaves the floors waterproof and high glossy. Ideal to be used to wash the floor after Polish powder..

                            SPLENDUR CREAM



1. Solvent-based paraffin wax to polish marble and other polished stone. It polishes while water-proofing the treated surface.

2.  Water-based wax to polish marble and other stone. It polishes while water-proofing the treated surface.



A silicon-based stone polish to improve the shine on marble, granite and terrazzo.
It also water-proofs the surface of the stone. Ideal for routine maintenance.



Self-polishing varnish with a “wet look effect” for marble, granite and other stones. Ideal for hard-to-reach spots where it is not easy to polish by machine.

                             BETON HARDENER  


Beton Hardener is a high-performance SILICATE densifier that increase the hardness, the abrasion resistance and reduce dusting. Excellent for new and old concrete surface, Terrazzo and agglomerate floor. Extremely low in VOC’s (less than 50 grams per litre), leaves concrete hard and dust proof. It Penetrates deeply in the concrete, leaving no film to lift or peel off. Reduces efflorescence and surface sweating. Prolongs and improve finish of polished surfaces.