Klindex Decorative Floor -Iron Floor

                              Description: IRON FLOOR K312 is a premixed cement-based
single component product, free of metal components, fiberreinforced with addition of water only, allows to obtain a mortar
stabilized in its expansion, high smoothness and homogeneity, with
high mechanical characteristics, achieved in short ages, without
water of bleeding according to UNI 8998/89.The consistency of the
mortar (plastic, fluid or superfluid) can be varied by changing the
amount of mixing water according to instructions. IRON FLOOR
K312 meets the performance requirements related to:
-Class R3 of EN 1504-3 (when used as concrete repair)
-Statement 1504-6 (when used for anchoring rebar steel).

Strong, Stylish, Durable & Versatile For Indor & Outdor Application 

IRON FLOOR K312 is suitable for concrete pavements repair and
for overlay concrete floor. Also suitable for all uses for which it is
required mortar stable in its expansion, with high mechanical
properties and extremely workable. In particular IRON FLOOR
K312 is indicated for the anchoring and filling precision under plate
of light or heavy machines, in any environment such as: boring
machines, cranes, crushing mills, rolling mills, machines for
processing marble and paper, presses of various kinds, metal
structures, lathes, wire drawing machines, turbines, etc..
The product is especially suitable for filling cavities and connections
drives between concrete elements and for the reconstruction or
augmentation of section structures such as beams, columns, curbs,

Pre-blended for easy application and maximum field control. Just
add water, mix and place.
-Low bleed.
-Excellent characteristic of fluidity, prolonged in time. –Volume
Shrinkage compensated.
-Excellent mechanical strength at early ages.
-High resistance to mechanical stress of the hardened product.
-Is possible add aggregate in case of large volumes.

Description: cement mortar with stabilized expansion, high flow,
fiber-reinforced, for anchors under plate and filling fluids.
Colour: gray cement
Packaging: 28 kg bags of pre-measured.
Storage: tightly closed, with all the precautions normally used for
cement products: at least 12 months.

                                                           Technical data:
Mixing water: from 3.92 to 4.48 liters per 28 kg of product.
Specific gravity: specific gravity of the kneaded mixture: 2.2 ÷ 2.3
kg / L (UNI 8995)
Consumption : about 2000 kg of product per m3 of mixture.
In the case of additions of gravel consumption IRON FLOOR K312
are reduced and are indicated in the following table:
Weight ratio Specific gravity gravel
Iron Floor K 312:
2,5 kg/L 2,7 kg/L
No gravel added 2000 kg/m3 2000 kg/m3
1 : 0,2 1724 kg/m3 1739 kg/m3
1 : 0,4 1515 kg/m3 1538 kg/m3
1 : 0,6 1351 kg/m3 1388 kg/m3
1 : 0,8 1220 kg/m3 1258 kg/m3
1 : 1 1111 kg/m3 1149 kg/m3