Bertolini New Range

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Parts Cleaning
CR 1010 PUMP: 100 LPM, 100 BAR AT 1450 RPM

Range of pumps manufactured according to Bertolini exclusive principles offering great performances with maximum durability. Made with brass heads and high-quality ceramic pistons, pumps are suitable for many applications, even at the toughest working conditions.
Railway and roads
CS-LCK PUMP: 150 LPM, 100 BAR AT 1450 RPM

Same features of above series but with cast iron head to reduce costs. It has been studied for less demanding uses and applications in terms of chemical aggression.
Re-cycled Water & Mines
CPQ-LCX PUMP: 90-154 LPM, UP TO 200 BAR AT 1000 RPM

New series of high performance pumps, for highly professional and heavy-duty applications where it is required high reliability and durability.