Klindex MEC Series


Commercial, Professional  & Industrial Vacuum CLeaners. Dry - Wet & Dry Applications to suit every need .
upholstery cleaners


Upholstery & Carpet Spray Injection Extraction Machine. Most Popular machine ever sold in last 25 years. Also available in Hot & Cold Versions. Comes with Vacuum, Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning Accessories
Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners for Slurry

HAZ Liquids

Special Vacuum Cleaner for Hazardous Liquid Pick up. PP Tank is mild acid resistant. Also works as a Dry vacuum Cleaner if needed.

Carpet Extractors

CARPET program includes the widest range of machines and accessories for professional carpet cleaning, developed to solve cleaning problems in any size area. The whole range is characterized by reliability and robustness.

Dust Collectors


SUPERVAK is a powerful range of Industrial Dust Collectors to vacuum large quantities of dusts such as: plaster, cement, flour, scabs, sawdust, dust materials from ceramic industry as well as dust produced by sanders, grinders, core drills etc. Available both in ASC version “Automatic... 
Chip & Oil

Supervak oil

Supervak Oil, separates shavings from oil when cleaning machine tools. Industrial vacuum cleaners to recover and separate oil and shavings when cleaning machine tools for mechanical and automotive industries. Supervak Oil vacuum cleaners are designed and built to suction lubricants, coolants, and emulsions mixed with shavings.

Steam Vacuum

HACCP Steam Vacuums

The new line of professional steam cleaners, with vacuum system, to make cleaning and sanctification easier and quicker saving time and money. Especially designed for restaurants, canteens, butcher’s shop, kitchens and for everywhere it needs to apply regulation of HACCP. Thanks to its full range of exclusive accessories it is possible to clean and to disinfect kitchen tools, windows, bathrooms,walls,carpets and anything needs perfect cleaning. 
Junior Telecontrol


TELECONTROL: These models come with built in electrical socket to connect power tools.Version to connect air power tools is also available which can direclty drive twin tools fro the same machine. Stainless steel tank.

Excellent for Wood Sanding, Carpentry shops, Car Workshops, Paint Shops, etc. for dry sanding.



“DRUM SYSTEM” is the best way to collect large quantities of water and mud especially those created during floor grinding procedures. When the drum is full the “Kit-Drum” could be connected to an other drum.

Large sites have longer distances to cover for slurry disposal. somtimes multifloors makes it even more difficult.

Single Discs

A range of Single Discs from Klindex for normal, usual and special applications. 

Since their inception not one of the machine has needed repairs !

Compact and powerful grinding and polishing machine ideal for stairs and narrow areas. 13" in Diameter

Multipurpose single disc machine with 1,5 HP motor. Rocky is the ideal rotary cleaner for cleaning and polishing any kind of floors.

Mini Orbit
The advanced roto-orbital single disc. Mini Orbit, the advanced professional multi-purpose single brush which makes it easy and quick working on all surfaces.
Kroma 2.5 HD
Kroma has been designed for heavy duty applications.  It is also available with a 2,5 - 3 HP motor. Thanks to its great range of available accessories it can solve any problem in the most economic way. 
Multi Purpose

Multi Purpose machines from Klindex. Special Single Disc machines with added accessories to covert the machine into a Grinder, a polisher, an orbital multi purpose machine and Large area cleaning (Triple K)

Unika Polisher

Professional machine for restoration and polishing. UNIKA POLISHER: Is the ideal machine for restoration, polishing and maintenance of marble and natural stone floors. Equipped with Planetary Multi-disk A3 it allows to remove scratches, restore and maintain marble and natural stone floors.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Kroma Grinder 3 HP
Kroma Grinder 3 HP Professional machine for restoration and polishing of marble and terrazzo. Excellent for floor preparations.   Kroma Grinder is a polishing machine developed specifically for the restoration, grinding and polishing of marble and terrazzo. 
Maxi Orbit

The advanced roto-orbital single disc. Maxi Orbit, the advanced professional multipurpose single brush which makes it easy and quick working on all surfaces. Suitable for treatments such as • polishing, • dewaxing, • crystallization • light grinding on marble, concrete, stone, parquet, terracotta and stoneware, Maxi Orbit is also ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as carpets and rugs. 

Triple K

3 heads innovative single disc machine. New Klindex® Triple K: tripled productivity. The 3-head single brush - Triple K - is a single-phase machine with variable speed. Thanks the extreme manoeuvrability, it is also a suitable solution to be used by an inexperienced operator, whose productivity is tripled thanks to 3 oscillating heads.

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Smart Plan

Largest Floor Care Machine Range from Klindex. You name it we have it. 

Cleaning, Polishing, Professional, Restoration, Heavy Duty Single Disc covertable to Planetary Grinder, High Speed Burnishers. Three head Cleaning for higher productivity. 

Triple K
Innovation Process

Not Only for Floor, machines also for Edges, Stairs, Orbital applications like sanding, small room cleaning, polishing machines.

Easily Upgradable!

Cold Water HPIC

High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Machines. shuitable for Car washing, Kitchen Cleaning, Heavy earthmoving machinery, etc.

Servojet Series

Servojet Series comprises of different variants of Vehicle Washing i.e Car, Truck, HEMM, Trains, Aircraft etc.

From 10 LPM to 50 LPM and pressure ranging from 100 Bar to 300 Bar, the range is unlimited

Powerjet Series

Powerful High Pressure Waterjet Cleaners find popular usage in Industry as cleaning, boiler feed, hydrotesting, scale removal, pipe cleaning etc..

From 15 LPM to 50 LPM & 100 Bar to 350 Bar

Turbojet Series

Turbojet Series is a special Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Series for Special Applications like Sewer Cleaning, Fire Trucks, Sugar Tube Cleaning etc.

50 - 300 LPM, 50 to 1000 Bar

Hot & Cold HPIC

Hot & Cold Water jet Cleaners for numerous applications in Automobile, Hygiene, and Industrial Applications

Single Phase

Single Phase Hot & Cold water jet Cleaning machine. 10 LPM 130 Bar.

Three Phase
Three Phase Hot & Colld Water Jet Cleaners for Automobile, HEMM, Food, meat and poultery farms,  kitchens etc.

Make In India

Assembled in India from Italian pumps & Accessories on to Indian Electric Motors / Engines. Specially designed to suit applcations. Largest High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Machines from Final Technologies with 30 years of Experience in High Pressure Technology. 

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Hot & Cold Water Jets

Made in Italy high pressure Cold Water, Hot & Cold Water Jet Cleaning machines for Exterior cleaning.

Accessories and Spares available Ex-Stock