100 years of history

Very often the future of a company is written in its history. As it is known, Bertolini has its origins back in 1918, when Ugo Bertolini took his first steps with the dream of putting mechanics at the service of man, alleviating the effort of working in the fields and increasing the fertility and economic performance of the crops

The years passed, and even the pumps up to the 70s had some technical limits: they were bulky, noisy and difficult to maintain. Therefore Bertolini, ready to accept the indications that came from the market, turned towards the design of more compact, handy, silent and structured pumps in such a way as to facilitate the replacement of parts subject to wear (e.g. suction and delivery valves inspectable by the ‘external). The first 3-piston high-pressure pumps for industrial use were designed in Bertolini in the early 70s, because Bertolini was also the birthplace of competing companies on the market today. The company has always continued its activity by designing patented and non-patented technologies,

Bertolini Today

Today Bertolini is a modern company

Bertolini ranks today, fully and proudly, among the world’s leading manufacturers of diaphragm and piston pumps, aimed at different sectors of use, such as:

Agriculture (spraying treatments, chemical weeding, professional gardening and green maintenance, hobbies and gardens, disinfection and disinfection of areas and environments, …)

Industry (use on hot / cold water high-pressure cleaners, water misting systems in greenhouses and gardens, humidification systems, fixed washing places, pipe cleaning machines, animal / livestock farms, reverse osmosis processes, water desalination , uses in the pharmaceutical, food industries, …)

But the end uses of the pumps are innumerable, therefore Bertolini continues to expand its presence on the market by providing solutions to the growing requests according to the increasingly varied applications.


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