TTL 1730

92,850.00 Price Excluding GST & Shipping



Pumps for cleaning (TTL 1730 – 17LPM – 300Bar)

Every solution for the cleaning sector.

From self-service and tunnel carwash, to pipe cleaning machines, from the preparation of areas to be painted and the cleaning of tanks and surfaces, to pressure washers on trailer, up to domestic or third party cleaning and sewer drain, Bertolini Pumps offers a variety of products systems capable to satisfy any need in the cleaning field. Furthermore, we can provide systems versatile and personalized on demand and a post-sale assistance able to fulfill any request and requirement. The available choice presents piston pumps which represent the highest expression of technological level and suitable for any professional performance, directly applicable to every electric motor with hollow shaft or through elastic coupling flange or pulley, all guaranteed by highly reliable construction principles.

Very heavy duty brass pumps with a sealing system providing great strength. Plunger rod bushing PTFE coated for friction reduction. Valve caps fitted with a new Bertolini sealing system designed for higher pressure and longer working hours.

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  • High pressure cleaners
  • Dust suppression
  • Industrial processes
  • Car wash
  • Mineral processes
  • Drain cleaning
  • Applications of High-Pressure Technology
  • Paint-Removal
  • Rust-Removal
  • Pipe Cleaning
  • High-Pressure Cleaning of Ships’ Hulls
  • Cleaning Airport Runways with High-Pressure
  • Concrete Upgrading
  • Mining Hydraulics