Why should you choose KLINDEX

Quality & Reliability of our Machines

All products selected for our Customers come from the very best in the International Industry. Price - Quality Ratio is always a key winner. 

Klindex machines are robust, reliable and made for heavy duty use. All Klindex machines have Stainless Steel Gear Boxes which makes these machines not only Heavy Duty but also Versatile for any type of floor i.e Marble, Granite, Concrete, Terrazzo, Wood, Tiles, Asphalt etc.

Klindex machines have been running satisfactorily since 1988 all across the World.


Simplicity of Maintenance

Almost all machines can be maintained by simple procedures even by a semi skilled person. Operation & Maintenance Manuals are available online and are easy to understand. Most spares can be locally sourced just in case some damage happen at site. Common Critical Spares are mostly in stock.
Application Oriented Approach
Klindex always consider the application to determine the process and the protections required. Right from Selection of the machine, tools, to the process, compatibility of consumables etc. is core parameter.

Products to suit applications

Always the first to get latest technologies and Intelligent machines that are able to solve problems efficiently. After years of research, working with Contractors all across the World and on different types of floors Klindex created the most economical process for all types of floors. Special tools were developed for different kind of floors. Special Chemical formulations were researched and developed for various applications and protections.
Free Training
We provide Free training on machines, tools, consumables, application and process. On Site training is available on Actual Cost basis.   

Tools & Consumables

Selection of process, availability of suitable tools and compatible consumables to bring out best for the desired application. We even get tools and fixtures developed for special needs. Each floor has different characterstics. e.g. Concrete across the World has different parameters. Some soft, some hard; some abrasive, some rough; some dusty, some damaged.  Klindex developed various diamond abrasives for different floor and color coded them.
Details on Tools
Project Support
All projects routed to us are undertaken ONLY with our Applicators, which have been developed by us in the last 12 years. Hand hold them till their teams are capable of handling projects independently. Some Large projects need International Accredition and need involvement of International Experience which Klindex World Wide network is fully capable.